Intern Industrial Engineering

The Company

Ballast Nedam is not only a very large construction company, we also have a lot of in house specialities. The Ballast Nedam headquarters is located in Nieuwegein but our offices are spread through the Netherlands. One of our daughter organisations is HOCO Beton in Weert. HOCO is specialized in producing prefab concrete parts and modules for Ballast Nedam projects. All of the production takes place in our own factory. Even though the current production rates are good, we are looking for ways to improve the process of production. The optimization of the production is to be started in the near future, based on a thorough research that is yet to be started. Since this research is linked directly to a large revision of an existing production facility and will be conducted in the near future. Hence, this project is very interesting thesis topic for industrial engineering students. What makes this project unique is that results of the research and advice will become visible and implemented during the research.

At Ballast Nedam we believe in investing in young talent. We are open to new ideas and innovative approaches. Are you ready for the internship that will kickstart your career?

The outline of the assignment is as follows:

• Analysis of production the Hoco Beton company, preparing the workflows of the production, time and work study of the processes;
• Checking possibilities for layout optimization;
• Evaluating the utilization of the concrete, rebar and formwork production;
• Investigating the production cost reducing possibilities (outsourcing, what if scenarios for different methods);
• Improvement of tender process;
• Analyzing of cost structure of Hoco Beton, improving in a way that allows you to track in more details.

 Are you:

• In de final year of Industrial engineering?
• Driven to make a change?
• Fluent in both English and Dutch?
• Open to work fulltime or most of the week in Weert? The option to work a few days per week in Nieuwegein can be discussed.


Send your resume and your motivation to and perhaps you will be one of the few who get the chance to do what you’ve studied for, already during the final stages of your education.